A cooperation between the artist Nina Nolte and BMW-MINI car dealer Wernecke car, located in Königs Wusterhausen, a town near Berlin

For Nina Nolte – herself a passionate MINI driver – is delightful to artistically upgrade classic vehicles of cult brands are those ones which embody a certain lifestyle.

Nina Nolte chose a black MINI with high-contrast white design, showing symbolically all, the city Königs Wusterhausen is known for:

The Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I (father of Old Fritz), his hunting lodge, his bodyguards: the Long Kerls, and the Funkerberg, a wellknown mountain close by, with its transmitter masts for radio waves. But also the Kanalwurst, a variant of the Berlin Currywurst, is not to be missed.

The car is now owned by a Berlin collector.