Film report of Event Design Marbella, Maite Azcue, Canal Estilo/ Spain, 1999.

Nina Nolte - Event Design Marbella - Maite Azcue - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Event Design Marbella – Maite Azcue

Although the report is more than twenty years old, you have a good insight into the artist’s previous work and what her current works have developed from.

As Nina Nolte likes to say: “There are two hearts beating in my artist’s chest!”

One is beating for the more demanding art of her series, such as THE BEST IS YET TO COME with her turban ladies.

The other one for a lighter, cheerful art; the one of her de ella stick figures de ella of her de ella, which she calls CHICOS, and her de ella angular figures that seem to paddle with their extremities of her de ella, the PADDLES. And not to forget her colorful de ella still lives.

This side of her art has been hidden from us for decades, in order not to confuse us. But it opened the way for Nina Nolte to focus on her realistic Pop Art series she is known to many of us.

Now the time has come to show us this previous and hidden side of her art.

Therefore this Spanish TV report, edited by Maite Azcue, which catapults us into the year 1999 and leads us into her enchanted world of art.

Well done Nina!

Director: Maite Azcue

Camera: Mario Bariego

Editor: Maite Azcue

Production: Canal Estilo