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More and more motorcycle enthusiasts are also taking a liking to Nina Nolte’s personalized motor bikes and having their beloved vehicles artistically enhanced by her as vintage cars and iconic vehicles are another focal point of NINA NOLTE´ s art.

The vehicles often become the canvas themselves. Instead of canvas or paper, it’s the motor bike body.

Her venture into vehicle artistry began already in 1996 when she crafted her first ART CAR for a client in Marbella, a Wrangler Jeep that has since become a local classic. Notably, this artistic creation still graces the streets of Marbella, delighting onlookers.

In the same year, Nina Nolte took on the task of adorning an American truck for the Munich-based company Food Carrier. This mobile exhibition, named YOUNG EUROPEAN ART, showcased the work of over twenty artists on the company’s fleet of food trucks. The signing event for Nina Nolte’s truck, alongside another artist’s, took place in front of the Bahlsen Museum in Hanover. The city center was temporarily closed, allowing a procession of vintage cars to accompany the two trucks to the museum.

A notable guest at this event was the future German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, who stood with Nina Nolte on a ladder for the ceremonial signing in front of journalists.

touch of individuality

Since 2016, Nina Nolte has continued her vehicle artistry, extending her creative touch to two-wheelers as well. This means that anyone can now transform their entire vehicle into a captivating work of art. For Nina Nolte, driving a personalized, attention-grabbing vehicle is a source of great pleasure. Are you intrigued?

Art tailored specifically to your vehicle is an option. Alternatively, you can choose from an existing design.

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There are several methods for applying art to a vehicle:


In this process, art is applied to the motor bike using specialized automotive paint, followed by multiple clear coats. This method is the most durable and long-lasting, as demonstrated by the enduring appearance of the Jeep even after three decades.


This is a slightly more economical option. A vinyl film, pre-printed with the chosen art, is applied to cover the entire body of the vehicle.


Created from the same car foil used by MINI for their rally stripes, this is the most cost-effective option.

Workshop Gallery


Here are some examples of comprehensive motor bike designs (all sold):

GO 4 IT! Vespa 125, wrapping with vinyl foil

CUPCAKES, Vespa 125, stickers

LOVE IT, Piaggio Medley, stickers