Posters of the MAC MUSEUM

Posters of The MAC Museum

The posters of the MAC Museum have arrived. I am excited.

The posters show one of my artworks, now forming part of the collection of the museum: A strong woman, driving into her new life, with style, in a classic Morgan. It is autobiographic ;-); really suiting to the title of this collective exhibition STARKE FRAUEN, strong women. Strong women in the automotive sector and strong women in art.

You should visit this private museum in Singen at the Lake Boden, close to Zurich. It has a remarkable collection of historical vehicles and art worth seeing. More information on the web.

P.S. My artwork now forms part of the collection.

Nina Nolte showing “BODEGONES Y RETRATOS” in Galería Espacio, San Salvador, 2000

Nina Nolte - Bodegas and Retratos - Art Gallery and Interior Design

Report of the exhibition of Nina Nolte “BODEGONES Y RETRATOS” (Still Lives and Portraits) in Gallery Espacio in San Salvador / El Salvador (Central America), by the television channel TRV El Salvador in its program “Entérate” in the year 2000.

Nina Nolte’s successful exhibition was very well visited. The artist showed a variety of still lives and some portraits.

From there, more exhibitions in this gallery emerged, both individual exhibitions and also several participations in the annual exhibitions of PINTURA Y ESCULTURA LATINOAMERICANA, since the artist was born in El Salvador.

Visit to the artist Nina Nolte, Event Design Marbella, Canal Estilo, 1999

Nina Nolte - Event Design Marbella - Maite Azcue - Art Gallery and Interior Design

Film report of Event Design Marbella, Maite Azcue, Canal Estilo/ Spain, 1999.

Nina Nolte - Event Design Marbella - Maite Azcue - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Event Design Marbella – Maite Azcue

Although the report is more than twenty years old, you have a good insight into the artist’s previous work and what her current works have developed from.

As Nina Nolte likes to say: “There are two hearts beating in my artist’s chest!”

One is beating for the more demanding art of her series, such as THE BEST IS YET TO COME with her turban ladies.

The other one for a lighter, cheerful art; the one of her de ella stick figures de ella of her de ella, which she calls CHICOS, and her de ella angular figures that seem to paddle with their extremities of her de ella, the PADDLES. And not to forget her colorful de ella still lives.

This side of her art has been hidden from us for decades, in order not to confuse us. But it opened the way for Nina Nolte to focus on her realistic Pop Art series she is known to many of us.

Now the time has come to show us this previous and hidden side of her art.

Therefore this Spanish TV report, edited by Maite Azcue, which catapults us into the year 1999 and leads us into her enchanted world of art.

Well done Nina!

Director: Maite Azcue

Camera: Mario Bariego

Editor: Maite Azcue

Production: Canal Estilo

HOW IT ALL BEGAN – Nina Nolte´s First Exhibition in a Gallery (1992)

Nina Nolte - How it All Began Nina's First Exhibition in a Gallery - Art Gallery and Interior Design

This is the video of Nina Nolte´s first exhibition in a gallery: Gallery Inter Art, Munich, July 1992 Here you can see how it all began.

This exhibition was followed by countless exhibitions on an international level, both in galleries and at art fairs.

You can find more details about the exhibition venues on this webpage under “exhibitions”.

IN FOCUS WITH ALBRECHT WIDMANN: Talking to Nina Nolte, exhibiting at Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Marbella, 1998

Nina Nolte - Albrecht Widmann - Art Gallery and Interior Design


Mediterranean International TV, 1998.

Albert (Albrecht) Widmann and Kenneth Barlowe – Contemporary Art Foundation

Nina Nolte - Albrecht Widmann - Art Gallery and Interior Design
Nina Nolte - Kenneth Barlowe - Art Gallery and Interior Design

It is an older but lovely interview with Nina Nolte on the occasion of her exhibition at Fabien Fryns Fine Art in the Marbella Club Hotel.

Nina Nolte speaks about her current exhibition at the gallery and reveals us she had been sponsored by Lufthansa and Mercedes Benz, showing her art at the headquarter of Mercedes Benz in Berlin and at the University Club in Washington D.C.

Interviewer: Albrecht Widmann

Sound: Spirit Director: Rodney Hearth

Camera: Howard King

Vision Mixer: Gwilym Rhys-Jones J.R.

Mediterranean International TV, copyright 1998


Mercedes Benz

Special “She´s Mercedes” Event at Mercedes-Benz, Hanover

Nina Nolte was invited to take part in the exciting one day tour, testing the eight really fast AMG sports cars. Highly recommendable!!!

Nina Nolte showed her turban ladies (out of her series THE BEST IS YET TO COME as STRONG WOMEN and part of the first female AMG Driving Performance Tour. She also took part in the exciting one day tour, testing the eight really fast sport cars. Highly recommendable!!!

MINI “My Funny Valentine” – Jazz Lyrics for a MINI

Nina Nolte - My Funny Valentine . Mini - Thanks Guys you made it happen - Art Gallery and Design

Nina Nolte specially created the font for this MINI, readable, but not at first sight.

The MINI Cooper Roadster is one of the most beautiful models MINI ever designed. This one has been converted into an art car and displays the lyrics of one of Nina Nolte´s favourite jazz songs, MY FUNNY VALENTINE, composed by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

The artist chose a jazz song, as this music goes perfectly with romantic tours through the country side.

 Besides this, the era of that music is also the era of one of Nina Nolte´s series, THE BEST IS YET TO COME, the paintings with her elegant turban ladies in the water, that look like they’re from the 1950s. The two red rear view mirrors (the ears of the MINI 😉 are truly the dots on the “i”.

Further down you see Nina Nolte and the whole team which helped her to make the car an art car.

 P.S. It is fun to drive this car and see the happy faces of the other drivers when they discover it!

The roadster was built from 2011 – 2015. There are only 24609 copies. This roadster is one of the last ones built.