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Nina Nolte painted around a hundred large-scale, mostly commissioned, portraits on her easel. But it took her until 2016, when she finally transitioned from working at her huge easel to exclusively using her WACOM drawing board. She is grateful she embraced this new digital realm, as many artists of her generation shy away from it.

Her advantage lies in the fact that she has been working with Photoshop and her own photos for twenty years. Her mixed media – digital art combines everything Nina Nolte has learned in her more than 30 years as an artist: painting, photography, Photoshop, and screen printing. Besides it this change was also necessitated by her arthritis in both hands, but also she is in good company with esteemed fellow painter David Hockney, who shares a similar fate. This new medium expands their artistic horizons, offering exciting possibilities for creative expression on various materials, even in large formats.

Since then her tablet accompanies her on her travels, ensuring she always has her studio, artwork, colors and brushes with her.

Creating an artwork on the tablet demands the same dedication as she used to invest in canvas paintings. However, unlike working directly on canvas, she now has the flexibility to undo steps, experiment with different solutions, without destroying the artwork, and to even adjust the size later if needed, etc.

Her digital art has been well-received by clients, particularly her mixed-media digital portraits. So she has been commissioned for numerous portraits, from individuals to large families. And thanks to new technologies, her clients can now choose from a range of materials for their portrait or commissioned art, including eco-friendly and recycled fabric, acrylic glass for humid areas, or ceramics for outdoor use. There’s also the option of having art as a light source in the form of a lightbox.

Recently, Nina Nolte created a 170 x 300 cm portrait featuring the entire team of sixty three people from a German company. Another notable project involved four 140 x 140 cm artworks for the Berlin Shopping Mall Quartier 205, where the artist integrated the both creations of two American fellow artists, already present in the building: John Chamberlain’s eleven-meter-high “TOWER OF KLYTHIE and Sol LeWitt’s expansive fresco THE WAVE.

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You can find Nina Nolte´s Studio here:
Urbanizacion a Panorama, 17, 29603 Marbella, Málaga

Phone: + 34 682 39 00 70

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